Monday, January 9, 2012

Blessed in City-Life

I don't care what anyone says about New York City and how wonderful it is. I love living in sports enthralled, beer drinking, Brady worshiping Boston. I don't care that no one talks to me when the patriots are on T.V. I don't care that people wear hooded sweatshirts to bars. I don't care that I'm in the biggest college city on the planet. In fact, I relish the educating stimulus I get from watching Bruins fans use five syllable words to analyze hockey games. On a daily basis, I get to experience the love, camaraderie, and bromance that is the heart of New England... Boston.

Here's some pics I took from Saturday in the middle of spring in the dead of winter, on a day with a whopping 50 degrees temperature. For any of you new to Boston, that's tanning weather for us up here.

Full moon over the Common

A little Boston greenery in Copley Plaza

Hancock Building

...and for my foodies...


Pizza with fried deliciousness
A special shout-out goes to Fig in Beacon Hill for putting all this yummy calamari on their pizza with some arugula and hot peppers. The other half you'll notice is portabella mushrooms with truffle sauce. After a long day of walking around Newbury and downtown, shopping to my hearts desires, I was pretty hungry. Luckily, Boston is full of awesome eateries that don't have a long wait and don't cost an arm/leg/kidney to have Saturday night dinner at (what's that NYC?). 
This pizza was enough for me and two girlfriends, and it was extremely reasonably priced at $19 for the whole pizza. For any of you that dare complain about Boston's high-prices, I dare you to live in D.C. or NYC for a year; then we can talk pricey vs. kidney selling-pricey.


  1. Love it the photographs are awesome, you are such a good writer .how may I get copies of the photos?

    1. I took these all with my iphone so I could text them to you?


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