Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Why Italian Food is Better Than Every Other Cuisine

I cannot pass through any metropolitan city without passing a million different cuisines. There's French-Cambodian, Japanese-American, Australian meat pies, Vegan-Indian, and endless food trucks that sell random organic things (eggplant and waffles anyone?). But let's all be honest here, we all know what cuisine is the best, most loved, and above all amazing: Italian food. Italian food is so awesome that Italians banned other countries from setting up competing cuisines in their country because pasta with some homemade bolognese sauce is just THAT AMAZING.

Here is why Italian food is superior to all other food species:

1.) You never leave the table hungry.  I have never seen a person leave a table hungry after a three course Italian dinner. There's bread, pasta, meat, insalata, and many yummy sauces to lick your spoon with. The words "low-fat" "non-dairy" and "vegan" don't apply to most Italians. They eat hearty foods that truly fill you up and make you want to unbuckle your belt. 

Cheese Gnocchi

2.) They don't put weird shit in their food.  How often do you eat at these weird Canadian-elk-dimsum-Asian fusion places and end up ordering something that either looks funky or has a weird after taste? You feel very refined for ordering octopus eyeballs but you quickly realize some good ole' fashioned Chicken Parmigiana would be more appetizing. Kids always ask for pizza or pasta because they know  "it just tastes good".  With Italian food, I can identify everything on the table. Is that tomato and garlic and basil in the sauce? You bet your ass it is.

3.) The wine is that much better. I guess some northern Californians are going to get on my case about this but let's just be real. The wine's better in Italy because the soil in Tuscany is mad old and ready for the best grape vine growing in the world.  And like the old Italian man who owns it, these vines have been growing in this garden for ages just waiting for some ripe youngster to pluck em', crush em' and enjoy em'.

4.) It tastes good after refrigerated. You can take it home, put it in the fridge, heat it up the next day, and it's still good. With other foods you taste a rubbery sensation after reheating. But day old pasta is still pasta. And sometimes the sauce that has time to sit for a day is even yummier. 

5.) They know how to make desserts. I just want to see someone try to top Gelato.

...Or Italian cookies

...Or Cannolis
... Or Tiramisu

Now that I've sufficiently made you hungry, enjoy some pasta.


  1. Gosh, I'm so hungry right now. Maybe I'll get some pasta for lunch. :D

    Great post & photos!

    Xx, Saritschka.

  2. You know what... after 4 months of eating that greasy, cheesy, non-vegan, high calorie stuff, I LOST weight.

    Miss it all the time.

  3. Brava! You already won my heart, if you are in Italy before March 12th, let me invite you for a dinner!

    1. Thank you Cloudio but I have a boyfriend! See today's post about "la media naranja"

    2. lol, I invited you for dinner, not to marriage :P


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