Thursday, January 19, 2012

Preserving Beauty in Cinque Terre Italy

Poor Italy's been having a tough time lately, with the floods in Vernazza and now the cruise ship that crashed and hey in life, sometimes there's things that a little bit of gelato and wine can't fix.

There is an unmatched magical quaint beauty about Cinque Terre, Italy. This charming town funnels out from the path titled "Lover's Lane" that has been walked by thousands of tourists from many countries; some lover's, some Italian Nonna's on a hike, and some study abroad kids with lumix digital cameras and three euro bottles of wine. I was saddened to hear of it's epic flooding on October 26th. And if you've never been there, you are probably sad to think you will never get to see how pretty and awesome it is, because it's all messed up now (think Katrina hits a tiny town in Italy).

I recently came upon a website called "Save Vernazza" where they are seeking donations for this preservation effort. I urge you to donate a dollar, a euro, a ruble... whatever you can (If I were Sarah Mchlachlan right now I'd be singing "Arms of the Angels" and showing you pictures of sad puppies). But no seriously. Google some pictures of the flood and after you cry a little, print up some fliers  and put them in rich neighborhoods. And then donate a dollar. Or two dollars. Or $1.35 aka a euro.

See below my version of "sad puppy pictures". Here are my pictures from my visit of Cinque Terre when it was romantic, young, and unscathed by the water that engulfed it.

Lover's Lane: Not "aperta" right now


View from Lover's Lane

Vernazza town from below
... and girls in bathing suits can sell anything. So donate!


  1. I also like that you've included a girl picking her nose in the second one from the bottom


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