Monday, February 6, 2012

The epic drive of Small Traveler around Costa Rica

FINALLY another opportunity to travel has come along... and by opportunity I mean I saved money, rallied a travel companion and begged my boss to give me 10 days off which then led to a presented "opportunity" for an off-the-beaten-path drive around Costa Rica in March.

When I say drive, I actually mean, for the first time in my travelling experiences I (we) will be renting a car and I (Ryan) will be driving us around the country side. While I picture my Costa Rican review mirror images to resemble something like this:

Volcanic portraits

Baby turtles on the beach

Freaking paradise
I'm sure realistically it will also look something like this...

Chilling in traffic outside San Antonio

Rush Hour 1
Rush Hour 2          

Tree House Construction

"Off the Beaten Path"
Truck attempting his own "beaten path"

All these wonderful images came up when I googled "Driving in Costa Rica"... maybe we're just better off renting some of these and calling it a day.
The honeymoon special

Pray for us?

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