Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reasons Why You Should Travel in Your 20s

You're not getting any younger. Time to take that trip to Indonesia that you've been secretly planning since you saw Eat, Pray Love. Here is my exhaustive list of why I think you should travel while you're young.

1.) Your supple young body can handle just about anything in your 20s. You are past puberty, hormones, and weird child illnesses (whooping cough, chicken pox, ear infections to name a few) but young enough that you can still sleep on a hammock and wake up feeling rested.  I slept on a tile floor atop couch cushions at my friends apartment in Italy last year and my 23 year old body bounced right back. As you start to age, that one night on the floor will lead you to chronic lower back pain and extensive chiropractor appointments. Do the hostel surfing now when any flat surface constitutes as a bed.

Floor Sleeping: For Ages 0-30

2.) You have little to hold you down. You are not married, you don't own a home, you don't own a child... you're just you renting a bedroom in someone else's apartment with only about a UHaul worth of stuff. When you're in your 30s, all of a sudden you'll start accumulating mini vans, three car garages, spouses, various kitchen utensils like food processors, crock pots, espresso machines, maybe some dogs, cats, and babies. You'll have so much stuff, you'll have to pay someone to house sit, babysit, pet sit. Travel now when travelling just means telling your roommates to keep your bedroom door closed for a week and to please put your mail in a pile on the counter.

This man definitely needs a vacation

3.) You still remember some high school French and college Russian. Our generation has been bread on culture immersion. Second language classes start around middle school or elementary school.  In your 20s you are still young enough to retain some of that second language knowledge and build on it. Trust me, when you are 40 years old that Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese that you studied in college won't be so familiar anymore. If you can still remember a little francais get your ass over to Paris while you're still young enough to remember how to say "Bonjour".

4.) Your job isn't that demanding. Most likely, your job now is not CEO of a company. If it is, kudos to you for being awesome and please take me on your private jet. Most of us work very hard but aren't really running anything that significant. If your future goal is to make it big, start a business, become a CEO... well those things take time and perseverance and don't leave a lot of wiggle room for that two week backpacking trip in Switzerland that you always wanted to do. So why not do it now before you go back to law school to become the next justice of the peace?

5.) Your friend, small traveler, wants travel companions. You don't even have to spend time looking for that adventurous friend who wants to travel to China and traverse the Great Wall because ladies and gents small traveler will go with you.

Not to sell you too hard but...
I bike.

I hike.

And I enjoy good wine.

 Please find my contact info on "About me" page and feel free to e-mail me about travel inquiries.


  1. Girl, you sound WAY TOO convincing;-) Especially with the floor sleeping - I don't think I'll be able to handle it a few years from now;-))) And I LOVE your writing style, very nice job!!!

  2. Love it you are right about sleeping on the floor of a airport. Love your writing.

  3. Is that you in a wheelchair at the end of your travels??

    1. Yes. After all the hiking biking and travelling, a little wheeling around on the beach is in order.

  4. I totally agree! Traveling in your 20s before kids, super important jobs, mortgages, etc. is the perfect time. The only problem is that many of us don't have huge budgets, but as you mentioned, 20somethings are resilient enough to deal with the ill-effects of that, like sleeping on a floor.

    1. I know. Your blog is all about being young and traveling. Count your blessings that you are young still.

  5. You are a great writer. Short, sweet, fun and wise.


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