Friday, February 24, 2012

Traveling With Half of My Orange

Ryan and I are leaving for Costa Rica in 10 days and I've never been more excited to leave my country  and get some freakin' sunshine (no offense USA).  In preparing for my travels I came across a few interesting phrases used in Costa Rica. By far my favorite is the one to call your boyfriend or girlfriend.  In Costa Rica, when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend you call them your "media naranja" or "other half of your orange". I have no idea where it derived from and am not sure it even makes any logistical sense. But I think it's kind of romantic. Nothing says love like sharing your fruit.

So far our Costa Rica itinerary consists of ...

Day 1: Pick up car and drive to Poas Lodge.
Day 2-10: Undecided.

I'm working on the rest of the itinerary though advice is always welcome. Here are some things I don't think my Costa Rica trip would be complete without:

1.) Seeing a Sloth.

2.) Downing some Huevos Racheros.

Nom nom nom.

3.) Seeing something life threatening come out of a Volcano.

Smoke monster from "Lost"

4.) Getting a little too comfortable with some strangers in the Hot Springs.
Too many strange men, too little clothing

5.) Drinking an overly decorative drink out of an emptied out fruit shell.

One for me and one for media naranja
As soon as we have our itinerary I will publish it for all my readers.


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