Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cake Pans Substitute For Costa Rican Currency

I am in the process of booking all our hostel/hotels/b&bs/inns/lodges for Costa Rica and I stumbled upon this great bed and breakfast in Nuevo Arenal, near the volcano, called Chalet Nicholas. It appealed to me because the owners, Catherine and Nicholas, have three great Danes, they are near various jungle tours, and they serve macadamia pancakes for breakfast.  I messaged Catherine and Nicholas to inquire about their availability. Upon reserving my room they asked me for a favor.  

E-mail from Chalet Nicholas-
"Hello Jessica:  I am taking a chance on asking but perhaps you will not mind.  If you can't do it, that's fine and please don't feel obligated.

Somebody didn't return my spring form cake pan and I am lost without it.  I also would love a new cookie sheet.  Recently I got some ANALON skillets from a friend who bought them for me in the states as a gift in return for favors I did for them and they are a WONDERFUL lifetime gift.   I am adding below two items I would really like to have.  Either I can order them here with my credit card and have them sent to you, or you could order them for me instead of sending a deposit."

Pan A

Pan B

This B&B owner is soliciting me to deliver culinary needs instead of paying her a deposit on the rooms.  These two large items will have to hang hooked onto my backpack carry-on while clinking around Boston airport. I'll awkwardly shove them into an overhead compartment to the odd looks of other travelers. They'll travel to Poas Volcano on the way to Nuevo Arenal. They will get to see the lush tropical country-side and a few dirty airports. These pans will have quite the exciting life before landing in the oven of this hostel owner.This request will be a memorable anecdote in my Costa Rican diaries. I will always remember these B&B owners as the strange people who asked me to bring them cook ware instead of money.

I wonder what the TSA security will have to say about a cookie pan and bunt cake pan in my carry-on. I've already thought of some clever things to say upon inquiry.

"Just thought if we crashed I could use the bunt cake holder as a boat and the cookie pan as a paddle. Precautionary measures."

"In case the apocalypse happens when I'm in Costa Rica I'll need my trusty helmet and shield to use against the zombie alien vampires."

Potential music wall idea

If all else fails I will tell them I'll be using this cookware for musical instruments in the Costa Rican Jungle. 

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