Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patrick's Day: Mardi Gras for Bostonians

The best day to be in Boston is March 17th especially if it falls on a weekend. When I see pictures of Bourbon street in New Orleans where people are drinking their hand grenades on the streets decked out in colored beads, I think to myself "If you dressed these people in green and put a Guinness in their hand, this would look like Southie on St Patty's day". 

I feel like there's a giant misconception about Southie for people who don't live there. Maybe you've seen "Good Will Hunting" or "The Departed" and think Southie is just a bunch of locals that hang out in taverns and drink Guinness after a long day of blue collar work at the factory. The reality is far removed from this stereotype. In 2013, South Boston is filled with college educated young adults who are relatively athletic, social and, for lack of a better word, genuine yuppies

Somehow, though, when St. Patrick's day rolls around all the yuppies becomes locals. Suddenly everyone in Boston has a tweed patchwork flat cap and has a great grandmother whose Irish so therefore they have given themselves the liberty to become a belligerent crazy person for the day. It's a good time. 

Here are the things that I will be participating in on St. Patty's Day weekend:

1.) Going on  The Harpoon Brewery Tour .  I have yet to visit the new Harpoon Beer Hall. I love the chandeliers because it gives the whole room a Medieval ballroom vibe. They are one Iron Throne away from being on the set of Game of Thrones.  I hope the beer comes in a chalice.  

2.) Watching the Southie St. Patty's Day Parade because unless you see someone play a bagpipe it's not officially St. Patrick's Day. I love this below map of the Parade Route and all the bars that fall on it. 

You can buy this pic on a tee-shirt here

3.) Making Irish Soda Bread but without the raisins. Raisins are the treat your grandmother gives you instead of candy. The prune-like texture of the dessicated fruit is just downright unappealing to me. I might put chocolate chips or marshmallows in my soda bread if that interests you.

4.) Running in the Southie 5K because if you're going to drink that much beer you might as well work for it. I'm irresponsible and didn't buy tickets before it sold out so I will be running stag with my other irresponsible friends that also forgot to buy tickets. 

5.) Attending a slew of "Kegs N' Eggs" parties. I was flattered to get invited to so many breakfast and beer parties this year.  I sincerely hope someone makes me some Green Eggs and Ham as that seems like the perfect fit for a St. Patrick's day brunch. I am not Sam I Am and if you put green food coloring on anything this weekend I will probably eat it.

Dr. Seuss must have been Irish

I leave you with a picturesque view of Southie that I pass everyday. I am lucky.  

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