Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Delicious Dominican Dishes

So I spent the past 9 days in the Dominican Republic eating gluttonously all the fresh meat and plantain products that my heart could desire.

Here are my favorites:

Polvorones: a heavy, soft crumbly cookie that  has some type of cinnamon in them. They are yummilicious.

Rice and Beans: I'm sure there is a Dominican word that I'm missing for "Rice and Beans" but OMG delicious. Especially since the rice fields are a few miles away from the actual store.

Lasagna alla Sweet Plantains: Plantains in lasagna? Sounds gross but is actually the most delightful thing I've ever tasted.

Tostones: Fried, salted plantains.

Crab or Squid Empanadas: I had these excellent empanadas at Meson D'Bari in Santo Domingo. Mouthwatering sea food in a pocket of fried love.

Free Range Chicken: A real chicken who has actually been fertilized by a rooster and not a hormone pill. I ate a chicken an hour after it was slaughtered (sorry for all you vegetarians out there). These were the most delicious, healthy best wings I've ever had. Take that Kentucky Fried Chicken

Mangoes, Bananas, Coconuts, literally any fruit with a peel that you can get your hands on will be the most delicious, juicy thing you will ever eat.

I also ate some kind of lemon square that I was fond of and some really great steak, eggs, and pork.  Also some pasta thing with clams in it. Yum.

Needless to say upon my return to the US my stomach had a rocky road to face with all the hormones, preservatives and additives we have in the food in this country. Good thing you can actually use the toilets here and have a hot shower since both of those were needed for my angry stomach.

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