Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Most of us who have had to endure a season of cold and snow,  desire to escape to warm beaches and sunny paradises. But true travelers can embrace the beauty in every season.

Through the month of January, I've travelled to NYC, upstate NY, Boston, DC, and Bethel, Maine.  I've slopped through the 2 foot snow banks to work in Boston, I've skied through the fresh powder in NY and Maine, and I've flown around the northeast running into delaysmin planes, trains, and automobiles (It's 2011, and they still have not created the cannot-be-cancelled traveling mechanism that I know our technology is capable of). All in all this winter has left me seeing a new side to so many places that I often travel to. 

Snow around the northeast:

The White House in Washington, DC near where I used to live.
 Church in beautiful Brookline covered in snow
 Gore Mountain in upstate NY
Sunday River in Maine

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  1. My favorite picture is the White House covered in snow.


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