Friday, February 4, 2011

When It's Cold, Do Like the Russians


Russia is a country known for cold, darkness, and extravagant warm-weather gear. If there is anything I learned from my visit to Russia, it's that they know how to dress for the cold temperatures.

My favorite Russian winter things:
Russian military jackets: Double-buttoned, dark toned jackets, resembling Slavic militia jackets are in for this cold war against the snow.

Ushankas! This Russian invention is by far the most practical winter hat ever created. They were all over St. Petersberg and Prague when i was there. I wear mine around Boston all the time.

If you're wearing all this gear and you're still cold, do like the Russians and hit up some Русская водка (russian vodka).  That ought to warm up even the chilliest evening.
Fortunately for me, I get to put the military jacket and ushanka away for the weekend. I'm off to Miami. Had to pull the ole' bikini out of the depths of my lingerie drawers. Good-bye 21 degrees and snowing, Hello 81 degrees and sunny!

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