Friday, March 11, 2011

A Russian Vegas: Viva Las Siberia?

Las Vegas the land of casinos, strippers, and gateway drugs... People often flock to Las Vegas like they do to Disney World or Six Flags, you're not there for the scenery you're there for the theme park, the people dressed in costumes, and the overpriced cuisine that comes with a free drag show.

Las Vegas, Nevada in all actuality is a solemn, tumbleweed blowing in the wind, nothing for miles desert.

Tourism has managed to turn:


Here is the fun news, RUSSIA has decided, "wow if you can make las vegas nevada that cool looking, why not pop-up some casinos and wedding chapels in Siberia, da?"

Because if we've learned anything from America, it's that bright lights and buildings shaped like Eiffel towers will draw millions of tourists who want to experience Las Siberia.

"Hey Svetlana, where are you having your bachelorette party before you merry Alexzander?"

"Siberia. We're going to dress up in our parkas and mukluks and gamble some rubles before we hit the Stalin drag show to see the Soviet strippers in ushankas sing 'Back in the USSR'..."

I'd go... wouldn't you?

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