Monday, April 4, 2011

A Lesson in Packing

Leaving for Amsterdam on Friday and Italy on the Tuesday following. 

People that I know (my coworkers, mom, other annoying people) have been asking me, so have you packed yet? gotten your euros yet? know what you're doing, where your staying, what restaurant you are going to your first night...   And so I thought what better way to explain myself then blogging all my pre-trip plans.

Week before trip: Do nothing. It's the week before the trip. Why are you pre-planning for your trip when you are not leaving for seven days? Go to the gym. See your friends. Watch excessive amounts of Hulu. 

24 hours before the trip: Throw some clothes that you often wear and smell decently clean into a suitcase, backpack, large duffel, human body bag. 

12 hours before the trip: Plug all your electronics into an outlet. Hope they charge.

5 hours before the trip: Start writing everything that you know that you've forgotten to pack on your hand/post-it/text to self. Throw that shit on the other shit you've packed. Remember your hostel has no towel and that you will have to bring one. Spill half of your expensive bath products into the sink as you try to squeeze them into a teeny tiny 3 oz. container. Wish you had a funnel.

3 hours before trip: Head to airport. Bring passport/ wallet/ and some type of mapish thing of the country you are flying to. Put extra teeshirt into your pocketbook in case you loose your suitcase. Be proud of being so prepared.

On plane: Remember everything you forgot to pack and get excited/horrified about how you are going to find toothpaste/socks/underwear when you arrive. Start asking people that look unamerican around you if they know the word for "drug store" in Dutch. 


  1. we should print out some bike routes, book a home dinner through, and look for concerts!! maybe booking the anne frank huis is cheaper online?

  2. I think they are the same price online and at the museum. It doesn't say they are cheaper/more expensive if bought either way.


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