Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Why can't I bring my expensive crap with me to a hostel?

I think the quality of things you pack should be in direct portion to your accommodations.  For those of us in our early 20s who just came off a lifestyle of parents taking us shopping at Anthropologie and Bloomingdales...  it is hard to leave those Marc by Marc Jacobs hand bags, Tahari jackets and juicy couture boots at home. But sadly, on my own I cannot afford the luxuries of hotels or single person rooms when traveling. Hostels are not the place for such fine things.
Thus I'm bringing my Target handbag, my zara fake leather jacket, and... well there is no substitute for my juicy couture boots so I will just have to sleep with them on so I will not be robbed of them.

One thing I am bringing is this knockoff Proenza Shouler bag from targette (it's french). Looks similar to the  $2,000 PS1 and is actually $34.95 bought by my mom and shipped to me for $3.00. Had to ask my mom to buy it for me because they are all out at Target online (blogs have been blowing this shit UP). Never fear, fashionless Albany still had plenty. Guess which one is fake and which one is $2000...? I suppose next to each other it's easy to tell and I'm sure I will not be able to fool the Italians with Gucci on every other corner... but hell at least if it's stolen I'll not really care.

Let's move on to my disguised as inexpensive luggage traveler's pack:
(image from REI.com)
Here is the giant mecca of all hiking packs that I just had to have, so I convinced my mother she had to have it so she would buy it and I could borrow it (Years of sneaky shopping manipulation at it's best).  I was hoping to look like the kind of folk who doesn't own designer things by dawning a hiker's pack. Though this is the louis vuitton of hiking packs... and thus may have made that point in the wrong direction.

Hopefully all my costume jewelry and Zara clothing will still look euro and fashion-forward as I hope to be.

Happy Packing!

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