Friday, November 18, 2011

Travellers Don't Wear Heels

I have been told that I'm "too short to be a runway model" since I barely hit the 164 centimeter mark on the height chart. When I went to my shoot on Monday they told me to wear the "highest heels I own" which were about 4.5 inches high and made the arches of my feet ache for sneakers.

With all that said, what real traveler carts them self around in heels?  I see all these bloggers in Paris, Rome, and Florence wearing 5 inch heels that they appear to have been walking all day in. This is erroneous. My bet is, all these fashionistas have a pair of comfy Dr.Scholl's clogs tucked away in the that big Marc Jacobs bag of their's to pull out right after the camera stops shooting.

I just cut out the middle man (the heels) by buying really nice loafers, ballet flats, and low-heeled boots for the practicality.

I took a snapshot of my Sammy Edelman's and Tori Burches so you can agree that you can wear flats and still be fetching.

Shoes on filing cabinet
I'd rather be comfortable than twist my ankle on a cobblestone. Going to NYC this weekend and only brought one pair of heels... they are only 1.5 inches. Take that runway models!

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