Monday, February 13, 2012

20 Journeys to Take Before Getting Married

While there are many lists of adventures and vacations to plan with a significant other, I would argue there are a handful of trips that are best taken by yourself or with your friends. Let's be real, there are just some experiences that are more enriching with your bros than with your boo.

Here is my LIST of journey's to take before you're Mrs. Somebody-else:

1.) Skinny dip in the ocean...(but maybe not on camera while being a contestant on "The Bachelor").
2.) Drive cross country to see the Grand Canyon. Marvel at it's grandness, do a day hike, buy some turquoise jewelry and watch the sunset. 
3.) Get a slew of girlfriends and go out for a weekend in Las Vegas. Play the slots, wear heels, and attend nightclubs with loud famous DJs who "drop the bass". 
4.) Hostel hop in another country with friends having just a backpack worth of material possessions. 
5.) Go on the Proverbial Spring Break to Cancun, Panama, Ibiza... etc. Take 200 pictures for Facebook in your String Bikini.
6.) Attend Oktoberfest in Germany, eat a German Sausage, a waffle, and sample at least three different lagers.
7.) Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Bonus points if you come home with beads.
8.) Party at a "Carnival" in a country that has a carnival (Venice, Brazil, etc). 
9.) Spend a New Year's Eve in NYC (NOT in Times Square). 
10.) Travel to Asia, eat sushi and buy something that's "Made in China" in China.
11.) Ski the Alps and learn how to say you've done it in french (Je suis faire du ski ? <---this could be wrong)
12.) Swim with sharks or (less harmful) sea turtles or (even less harmful) dolphins.
13.) Ride a camel across a sandy desert with a tee shirt tied around your head.
14.) Live in a country that speaks a different language than your native tongue. Learn how to request coffee, ask for a bathroom, and argue with a landlord in the given language (Che male! What do you mean my power is turned off?)
15.) Zip line in the rain forest and try to spot monkeys, sloths, and other cool tropical animals.
16.) Camp out at a music festival where you can learn to hula-hoop, use glow-sticks, and sleep on the ground.
17.) Go to Disney World, since the next time you go, you maybe have kids and it won't be about your favorite ride (Mr. Toad's Wild Ride) anymore.
18.) Jump off a waterfall into a body of water. Cliffs and high tree branches also count as platforms. Basically jump off anything higher than 20 feet (but not a diving board at a pool).
19.) Surf or (for the less coordinated) boogie board on a beach anywhere.
20.) Vacation alone especially to somewhere extremely daring and risky (Russia anyone?).

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