Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Anti-Anti-Valentine's Day

I would like to start the Pro-Valentine's Day movement on my blog.

Today, I have read way too many articles that center around Valentine's day being a consumerist brain-washing mechanism that's trying to steal your hard earned dollars and waste them on Hallmark cards.  If you're having a bad day for other reasons than it "just being Valentine's day", then let me console you. Last Valentine's day, I was in the Dominican Republic throwing up bad McDonald's food, so I know that not every V-day is a good day.

I think that everyone is being way too harsh on a holiday that's soul existence derives from showing appreciation for your loved ones. My favorite Valentine that I get each year is from my mom who sends me a sappy card, star bucks money,  and work out gear. Unfortunately, the Valentine's day I'm experiencing is not mirrored in the press. I'm hearing discomfort from both singles and couples about the holiday. When did it become common protocol on Valentine's day for people to roll their eyes at couples walking down the street holding hands?  I am surprised Hallmark does not have a section titled "Snarky Anti-Valentine's Day Cards" (from which I am sure they would make a killing). I'm just confused why a holiday that celebrates love can't provide the same jovial mood as a pub on St. Patrick's day or a cookout on the fourth of July.

Why singles are snarky?
People that are single feel the need to hold up their "Single Ladies" hands and sing along with Beyonce. Everyone in a relationship headed on their way to dinner is scoffed at and deemed lame.  When did "single" and "in a relationship" become two different teams? We are all single sometimes and in relationships other times.  We have all been on each team. Let's try to remember this. If you are single on Valentine's Day, then why don't you call your mom and tell her you love her. Or call your best friend and go have some drinks with them. You love them (your mom and best friend) and I bet they both make great dinner companions.

Why people in relationships are snarky?
People that are in relationships feel a pressure to perform some superficial act over a candle lit dinner. They struggle with deciding to buy a bouquet of roses, a teddy bear or a gift from Kay jewelers. These gifts always feel cliched and lack genuine sentiment. When did being in a relationship involve all this material stuff? Didn't we just exchange gifts at Christmas?  I have countless necklaces from past-boyfriends that sit in my jewelry box collecting dust and cost as much as plane tickets to Europe. Stop the pressure. Go to dinner. Enjoy each other's company. Have some wine. Remember that this is just a day with dinner and a day to appreciate each other.

With this said, for all you anti-Valentine's enthusiasts, I'm tired of hiding my romanticism under a basket because it's become sappy, stupid, and anti-independent. I get it, it's super cool to be anti-valentine's day. But going to dinner with my boyfriend is also super cool.  Not in a 1950s, we're defined by our boyfriends because we're women, kind of cool. Cool in a new age, we're equal and that's awesome, kind of cool.  I think the best way to celebrate this holiday is to do something fun with someone who you really care about. And if I haven't convinced you to stop being such a sourpuss, I don't want to hear it because I like this holiday and you're sucking all the Love out of it.

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  1. I was ready to leave a super snarky comment on how valentines day is the biggest bunch of baloney since mothers day but after reading your post - I'm too scared.

    Seriously though, why do we need one day a year to be extra loving to our loved one? Shouldn't showing love to your partner everyday be a given?


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