Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7 Super Shots Hostel Bookers Challenge

I am taking part in Hostel Bookers "7 Super Shots" challenge.  I was definitely one of the least talented photographers in my photography class in Florence so take that with a grain of salt when you scroll through my list of "super shots". I like these seven photos because they encompass some of the emotion and character in the places I've visited/lived. 

1.) A photo that... takes my breath away

Florence, Italy
This is a picture of the infamous Duomo in the middle of Florence. Something about the bird and the extreme blue in the sky make me feel like I'm still on the cobble stones gazing up at this massive church.  

2.) A photo that... makes me laugh or smile
Jackson Hole, WY

Wyoming is full of surprising wildlife. This wild horse wandered in front of my camera as I was photographing the Tetons. He also proceeded to disrupt the dinner my company was throwing by greeting as the guests with a nuzzle and standing behind everyone's cars so we couldn't pull out of the field.  What a character.

3.) A photo that... makes me dream

New York, NY
New York is a city of dreamers.  Every time I look at the NYC skyline I have visions of what life would be like living here, working here, and soaking in all the energy, lights, and caffeine that characterize New York. New York has a man made beauty that can't be contained. 

4.) A photo that... makes me think
Washington, DC

This photo is from the Inauguration of Barack Obama in 2009. The national mall was full of people from every walk of life. I watched the inauguration from the small incline that rises to the Washington Monument with thousands of others. There was said to be over one million people on the mall in front of the capital that day. I felt privileged to be one of them. I love this shot because the people seem to rise out like an endless sea and the flags are all blowing the same direction.

5.) A photo that... make my mouth water
Barcelona, Spain
This flavorful mass of candy can be found in Barcelona's "La Boqueria". I've honestly never seen so much candy laid out like this in a market before. Spanish sugar rush is a must to stay up until 4 am. in Barcelona's ever alive nightlife. 

6.) A photo that... tells a story
Panama City, Panama
I love this picture (as you can see I've used it as a banner on my blog since it's inception). I took this in the Casco Viejo in Panama City, Panama. I love the bright colors of the quilts and the dreamy expression on the Panamanian woman's face. I wonder what she's thinking, what her life is like and how long she's been making quilts for tourists. 
7.) A photo that... I am most proud of aka my National Geographic Shot
Las Terranas, Dominican Republic

This is an actual picture of me so I'm not sure if that counts. This was taken in Las Terranas in the Dominican Republic when I was on a drive around the island with a Dominican family. I like it because it makes me think of what travel feels like for me:  long strange trips in a truck that lead up to a brief moment where a new place opens up to me that I never knew existed. This place, in my exhausted euphoria of trip hypnosis, emphatically became a part of my being like a scar that I can never remove. I actually have a literal scar from this trip because I fell into the hole behind me shortly after this picture was taken.  


  1. That last picture is so funny, I can see the whole you fell into. Sorry about that.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Wild horses have amazing personalities.

  3. Some nice shots - really liked the inauguration shot.

  4. Nice shots, Here is my 7 photos

  5. You should come to Nepal to have some more professional Shots!


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