Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Amsterdam: More Than Just Marijuana

For those of you who know me,  you know that smoking pot is not on my list on common leisure activities... (that small sound was all the pot-head readers clicking out of my blog). I was wary of traveling to Amsterdam because I had heard it was full of all kinds of drugs. During my stay, I realized there are so many things to do in Amsterdam outside of the coffee shops. In fact most of locals don't really smoke pot. Go figure. Once you legalize something, no one really wants to do it anymore. 

Things to do in Amsterdam:

1.) Bike around. There is nothing more pleasant to do in Amsterdam than to rent a bike and take it for a leisure ride around the city. If you're lucky you'll get lost and end up somewhere cool like a cheese shop or in a park with tulips.

George Harrison: Coolest Bike Name Ever

2.) Go to Museumplein. Visit the Van Gogh Museum. Try to sneak a picture before the dutch police chase after you and tell you to put your camera away.

Skull man smoking a dubie

3.) Visit the Anne Frank Museum. Bring some tissues and cry a little.
Wish this statue could hug back

4.) Get some ice cream. If you have just left the Anne Frank Museum, you will need a pick me up. There is an old fashioned ice cream place called Monte Pelmo in the Jordan district. Eat your ice cream while leaning against the bike you rented. Feel like a local.
Dutch ice cream

5.) Chill on a houseboat. Write in your journal. See some ducks swim by. Watch them steal your crackers.
Jonas Houseboat

6.) Go on a free tour.  Ask someone in your hostel to show you around the city or take a map and take yourself around on foot. It's a walk-able city. People are friendly and accommodating.  The buildings are beautiful. Take it all in. 

7.) Make a Dutch friend. People are so friendly in Amsterdam. You will be able to meet people and make friends easily. 
Dutch Friend
8.) Have a Heineken. Kick back and relax. Enjoy Amsterdam.

Dutch Beer

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  1. Love it I still have not been to Amsterdam yet, looks beautiful.


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