Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Planning For NashVegas

It's going to snow today in Boston. Typical. Right when the Ground Hog sees his shadow to let us know Spring is on the way, Boston laughs "Ha, ha, ha, here's some 20 degree weather and some snow". I guess we are not getting out of winter as quickly as we thought.

I'm heading to Nashville in 15 days for a half professional/half fun 5 day trip with my future legal advisor  Alexa Millinger (apparently I called her Alex in a past article and so this is my apology for that editorial error). I'm going to watch her debate on something called a Moot Court. I thought it sounded like a noise a cow makes but nope... it's a real thing.

Nashville, thankfully, does not see snow very often and has much more mild temperatures in February. I'm excited to wear a sundress again and hang up my down-coat for the weekend.

If a cowboy and a showgirl had a baby, it would be Nashville. Nashville has the performance sparkle of Las Vegas mixed with the country twang of the deep South. As an acoustic bluegrass lover, I know I'll find lots of things to love about this quaint city. I also enjoy American Redneck Food (read: fried and buttered proteins). I have a feeling I'll fit right in.

Here is what I will be doing in Nashville.

I want to listen to music at the Bluebird Cafe and hopefully spot this hunky guy working the sound board:

I'll shop for boots at this bootery:

For carbohydrate loading before my tourist days, I need to have these pancakes

...and devour one of these plates of hefty BBQ delight:

I have to go here because it's Nashville and Walk the Line was my favorite movie 7 years ago:

I'm getting a drink at one of these bars:

...and learning how to line dance at a saloon like in the new footloose movie:

I'm going to walk around Printers Alley and find this sign: 

and snap pictures of this city-scape so I can instagram it for y'all (<-- I'm getting a hang of the lingo already). 

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