Friday, February 1, 2013

Top 10 Things I Miss About Summer

This wonky winter weather is starting to turn me into a real Grinch.  Yesterday I came to work in rainy 50 degree weather and returned home with a harsh 30 degree wind whipping in my face.  In all seriousness how am I supposed to dress for this weather? Most days I don't know if it's going to snow, rain, or sleet. Whenever I see the sun outside, I always sprint to get my coat so I can chase the UV rays for the five minutes they are accessible each week in the winter. I, for one, am getting FED UP with the temperature vacillation. One minute it's chilly, next minute it's mind-numbing cold, next minute the sun's out for 3.5 seconds. Just stop.

I really miss summer. I know this is not a unique epithet. We all miss summer. In the words of one of my best friends "Winter's only fun for like the day you go skiing and that's it." Truth. If skiing didn't exist no one would live in Wyoming. What the hell would people do out there?

Top 10 Things I Miss About Summer:

1.) Leaving my house with wet hair. Before I take a shower in the winter, I debate how much time I'll have before leaving the house. If the answer is anything less than an hour then I'm probably not taking a shower because I don't want icicles growing on my head.

2.) Rolling my windows down. I'm choking on musty heat fumes and dust from my heater. I need some fresh air. Sometimes I feel like the dogs in the window on the streets of South Boston waiting for their owners to come home and walk them. I am that dog from November-March. It's so sad. I just need to stick my head of the window on a warm sunny day.

3.) Outdoor concerts. There's nothing like attending an outdoor concert on a huge field of greenery. I can get bad ADD at indoor concerts. Outside there's so much more room for wandering, exploring, and practicing cartwheels.

4.) Flippy Floppies.   I need to be where these sandals are right now. There's so much freedom in flip-flops. In a half-second you can kick them off and be barefoot.  There is nothing veiling you from the earth beneath your feet but a thin rubber layer. It's poetic. Like Moses in the desert. I think it's the way we were all meant to ambulate.

5.) Ice Cream. I want to be able to eat something cold without running to fetch my fleece blanket and wool socks. Hot chocolate is just no substitute for ice cream or froyo.

6.) Biking. I am tired of enclosed transportation. Me and my bicycle would like to travel out in the open again. It's athletic. I'm turning into a motorized vehicle blob from taking buses and trains and cars everywhere. I need to stretch my legs and build muscle again.

7.) Sundresses. I enjoy the galvanization of frolicking from place to place pant-less. Also dresses are a complete outfit. There is so much less thought put into dressing oneself. Step 1: Put on dress; Step 2: Grab flippy-floppies and go.

8.) Barbecuing. Hot dogs and wings are just better off the grill. There's something social about bbq'ing where it brings people together like a thanksgiving dinner. The agenda on a Sunday afternoon could be sitting around the barbecue with a deck of cards. It's a beautiful thing.

9.) Iced Coffee. The ever non-winning battle I have with my hot coffee to stay hot in the winter is tedious and exhausting. Iced Coffee is easier to drink and consume.

10.) Friends. I really miss hanging out with my friends. In reality people are more lazy in the winter. Winter is when we hibernate. We are more productive at work, but less productive at our hobbies and our social lives. The reason so many great colleges and Ivy League schools set up shop in New England is because of this meteorology productivity factor.  Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell, Princeton and Columbia are up here for a reason. You think if Harvard was in Miami, it would be the best college America? Doubt it. Everyone would be at the beach, not inside their dorm rooms inventing Facebook.   

Likewise, this problem extends beyond college and seeps into adult-life. It's so much more likely that if I call my girlfriends for an impromptu after work drink that they'll come if the date is July 15th and not February 15th. It's just a fact of life.

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  1. I have been feeling the same way this week I am so sick of winter and shoes! Can't wait until summer comes again.


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