Friday, September 28, 2012

Fun Things To Do In Chicago

Oh goodness it's been a long time since I blogged. I'm sorry for anyone who enjoyed reading my posts. All my writing energy is being burned studying for the GRE, writing MBA applications and attending networking events... sorry reader, are you asleep yet?

My next trip will be with my girlfriends to CHICAGO. My friends asked me to scout out hotels for our stay so instead of doing that (sorry Deepa and Alex I'll get to it...) I decided to write a fun itinerary of cool stuff to do and see. I've never been but in the reading I've done about it... here are the things you have to do when you travel to Chicago.

1.) John Hancock Tower: 
If you live in Boston, you are probably very confused by this, as I was. But there is actually another Hancock tower in Chicago. Apparently this one is cooler than ours in Boston, because there is an observatory on top where you can see the whole city. And I thought the Hancock towers were just finance meccas. Well I was wrong.

2.) The BEAN:
This is probably the only thing I care about seeing when I'm in Chicago. Mostly because I want to instagram funny pictures of my body getting wider and smaller and weirder at various angles. But also because, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or the Statue of Liberty in NYC, it's the one landmark in Chicago purely made to trap tourists as it has no actual function other than to be aesthetic and fun.

3.) Lincoln Park Zoo:
If there's a chance for me to see a monkey anywhere, I'm taking it.

4.) Wrigley Field:
Another amazing opportunity for me to wear a baseball cap and instagram myself eating a hotdog. They also have poppy seeds on their hot dog buns in Chicago. Wild.

5.) Topolobampo: 
Topolobampo is a Mexican restaurant in Chicago that's supposed to be really amazing. Mostly I want to go because the Obamas recommend it and I want to show my support for the democratic party in the election month by eating like Barack.

6.) Sears Tower Ledge:
I've decided to face my fear of heights and go out onto the ledge of the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower in Chicago. There is a clear ledge that overlooks the streets and city below. Since I have a deathly fear of being over 10 feet in the air, I'll probably need a Xanax to go sit out there. I feel the rush of a panic attack coming on already.

... I mean seriously don't you just want to scoop this kid up before he falls off! The maternal instincts in my are almost jumping through the computer.

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