Monday, December 10, 2012

Thanks Hostelling International USA for the Free Swag

Sometimes I get so caught up in studying for the GRE, shooing mice out of my apartment... and oh yeah working that full-time job I currently have, that I forget to participate in my hobbies.  This blog, being my favorite hobby, has just been sitting here, untouched for too long. I realize there's times where an ascetic strict self-discipline is in order.  I have to focus on the less fun things to move up in the world, but it doesn't mean I don't miss writing (fun-writing not graduate school essay writing, ew), and all the general splendor of travelling.

Today I got something in the mail that ignited a spark in my heart--- and reminded me how much I LOVE to go on vacation.

These sweet free overnight passes are courtesy of Hostelling International USA. I've never actually stayed in a hostel in the states so I'm pretty damn excited. Most likely I won't be using these until next July as I'd like to experience the sunbathing weather that only hits New England for a brief 10 days in the middle of summer... just kidding... it's more like 12 days. But the anticipation of a vacation is enough for me for now. I can almost feel the gentle beach zephyr brushing through my hair.

Who wants to be my plus one??

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